An Experience Fit for Every Princess!

Epcot’s Pick-a-Pearl: This is one of the best souvenir activities in Epcot!  Picking the oyster is half the fun and learning what surprise awaits inside is just part of the excitement.

Location: Epcot’s World Showcase Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department store

Cost:  Just under $20 for the oyster (the setting is optional for an extra fee)

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Here’s how it works

Step 1:  Pick your oyster

Step 2:  The cast member helping you will start the countdown to opening it …3,2,1… in Japanese!

Step 3:  After discovering what surprise pearl you’ve received, it will be cleaned and sized.

Step 4: Now you will be able to take it home or have it placed in a setting! There are many options to choose and prices will reflect that.

Some of our tips

Tip 1: Look for the ugliest, hairiest, dirtiest oyster. It might just nab you the best pearl – like twins or a silver one!

Tip 2: Try planning this for early in the day.  Depending on how you’d like to have your pearl set, you may need to return later in the day to pick it up.

Tip 3: You may wish to look online at Esty or Amazon to find that special Minnie or Cinderella carriage necklace to hold your pearl!  We’ve found an awesome Etsy seller that designs and creates pick-a-pearl cages right here in the USA.

Here’s Our Experience Last March

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Epcot\'s Pick-a-Pearl souvenir experience is a MUST DO for princesses of all ages #pickapearl #epcot #disneyworldtips