When is the best time to go to Disney World?

Crowd levels at Disney World are harder to predict than they used to be. Disney does more to fill their parks during traditionally slower weeks & months than before.

But don’t throw out the crowd calendars altogether! Here are the ones we use when planning our own trips:

The very first crowd calendar we found is at Undercover Tourist and it’s still the first one we consult!! AND we buy discounted tickets there, also 🙂

Another great calendar, in our opinion, is Dad’s Crowd Calendar

Crowd calendars can help predict crowd levels but keep in mind that they are only predictions.  Things like “free dining” and room discounts can alter the crowd levels from the initial predictions.  We recommend a balanced approach when planning a trip.  Go when it works best for your family in terms of time away from work & school, purpose of your trip (i.e. birthday, anniversary, special WDW event), weather, etc. and then use the crowd calendars to help you narrow down exact dates, if they’re flexible.

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